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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Strength of a Forever Healing Broken Heart

A few weeks ago,  I had a kind of ephiphony. For the first time that I can remember, I appreciated my heart for more than just the love that it houses. I saw it for it's potential to break, to rebuild and it's forever endurance and hope.  My heart, like yours, has suffered break, it has healed, filled with more love and broken all over again only to become stronger.

Our hearts become powerful through a culmination of life experiences; whether through failed relationships, loss of loved ones, loss of a job or a house, afflictions with eating disorders or other addictions....the resultant "heart breaks" that occurs are seeds of potential that are planted within us.

I truly believe our heart has a far greater capacity than for love alone. And it's far bigger than the fist-sized, 4 chambered organ that is nestled behind our ribs....

My past affliction with bulimia, although tragic in some ways, has made me into the woman I am today and it made my beating heart more supple and expansive. So, as I turn another year older, I will not regret the experiences that brought me to this point, and I am looking forward to those which I face in the future that will make me even stronger.

 Please help me honor the upside of our individual heartbreaks and battles, in all their various forms,  by donating to a wonderful cause. Donate Here!

1 comment:

  1. Dear Emi,
    I just made my donation dear friend now tell me about your new Felt ?Is it love true love
    I have also just read your post about hearts breaking and healing and growing.All very true.I am smiling a very satisfied smile seeing that you are moving through the process .The peace in your soul that will eventually take residence will allow you so much freedom.
    I will also say that the peace resides but sometimes for me "Goes walkabout"but returns and calm takes over.
    I am so glad you are on this path of self discovery.Just wait til you reach the next plateau.
    LOVE you girlfriend hugs and stuff sent to you!