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Tuesday, January 7, 2014


January 3rd marked a pretty momentous day for me. I threw away my body weight scales. I had not one...not two...but THREE scales in my house and, to be honest, they were dragging me down. Literally.

I have been meaning to get rid of my scales for years really. I spent a LOT of time on them and unfortunately my weight on any given day dictated much more than it should have. The scale had a hold of me like nothing I have ever known....it was consuming, suffocating and detrimental to my overall health.  The irony of it all was that I didn't want to let it go. I suppose it was a crutch for me, in a way. Only, when the weight wasn't what I wanted, the crutch became more of a weapon than a support mechanism. I cannot tell you how many times I was emotionally beaten by that scale.

So, this year started with a very bold and hopefully momentous act of "letting go". Maybe some of you can relate to the inappropriate grip the scale or anything else for that matter can have on you. I guess what I encourage any of you to do is to recognize the demon(s) that lurk in your mind and then make a conscious decision to NOT let them rule you any more. 

The truth is, the scale can only give a numerical reflection of your relationship with gravity. That's it. It cannot measure beauty, talent, purpose, possibility, strength, character or love. And it was time for me to let it go. What can you let go of today, this day, in this new year??

I would love your feedback on this post! It's very important/poignant to me. Thank you!


  1. Good for you Emi!


  2. Dear Dear Emi, Hurray for you ! You are so much more than several scales! What you have just written is your first act of freedom!
    I totally understand what for youhad became a habit, a comfort of some sort.I also have struggled with who I am,and my own value..My own self worth, my frustration and expectations blah blah blah! Last summer I made a decision to be who I am in my soul and I am a calmer, more confident,and happier me.You are on your way.Now go on and get what ever you want there is nothing to stop you any more.

  3. I love your honesty and strength Emi! This is a big deal and I am proud of you :) I too have had my share of scale monsters...one of the best days of my life was when I chose not to weigh ever again (except the doctors office but I close my eyes :)))) It's called weight but it doesn't really measure anything that truly makes us who we are. In all reality it's just a number, all that matters is that you love yourself.

    Super excited to follow you on this journey. YOU ARE AMAZING!!

  4. I call my scale the flat faced bitch...We have a hate hate relationship...way to go berger!

  5. Berger, I love reading your FB posts about your training, so being able to follow your blog is a real treat for me! So much inspiration and passion in everything you do--you haven't changed a bit!

  6. I love and respect your openness and honesty. You are an inspiration. You totally rock just the way you are. Miss you xxx