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Thursday, January 2, 2014


I was just starting my run on the treadmill yesterday when the hum of a loud and rather annoying voice overshadowed my iTunes playlist. I turned my head abruptly over my right shoulder and saw a woman on a treadmill behind me yapping loudly to another woman standing next to her. This loud bantering carried on for the next 40 minutes as she conversed with just about everyone who walked by her. Now, this woman was definitely fit and what some might deem a "gym rat". She wore black 3/4 leggings and a matching sports bra which showcased her lean body; a body that was highlighted in tattoos over the insides of her arms and down along either side of her torso (we are in Colorado after all).

So, needless-to-say, I had a very difficult time focusing on my own workout. I found myself instead thinking of ways I could approach her and tell her to quiet down...or to complain to gym management that I was a victim of noise pollution. I kept telling myself that that this attitude was NOT the way to begin the New Year and it took every ounce of self control to let it go.

Ironically, today, when I went to the gym to lift after work, guess who I found myself working out next to?  Yes, you guessed it. This time we both happened to be in the fitness studio doing our own separate workouts. I groaned under my breath as I started to jump rope. She, of course, took it upon herself to hook her music up to the studio stereo. I groaned again. But then something happened. I heard a song on her playlist that I had never heard before (and, yes, our friend was singing without abandon to it) and realized it was a really, really cool and inspiring song. Something inside of me changed and I began to find rhythm in my routine. In the corner of my eye I could see her busting out some amazing plyometrics and working really hard (can you say grunt?!). I found it to be totally inspiring!

About 15 minutes later she walked in front of me to put her mat away and said "sorry, excuse me" and that's when I new I had turned a corner in my approach to her. I said "No problem. You know, I wish your music could play every time I worked out in here". She laughed and said "thanks" and for the remainder of our time spent working out "together" she sang out loud and shared infrequent insights about her playlist with me. 

Who would have thought someone whose neck I wanted to wring less than 24 hours earlier could end up helping me push myself harder? All I have to say is, thanks gym girl. I'm sure you will annoy me in the future but I will look past your loud cackle and high-pitched screams for now and use your energy and groovy tunes to make me better.


  1. You should consider warmer climates during these trying winter months. The heavy air of the south will do more for you than the thin air of colorado for lake placid!

  2. i wanna see what she looks like. sneak a pic next time you see her.

  3. Wow who knew right? Intersteing experience huh? Keep at it Gfriend.I swam today getting ready to start tapering next week .Treadwell mile then 15 min on elyptical and 15 on treadmill. I am now able to ride tomorrow on trainer during blizzard 'Hercules" and feel like I am on track for Naples next weekend.

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  5. I hope the song was something by sir mix alot - I know that shizz is my JAM! Keep pushing Berger! I commend your self control - I would have felt the same and prolly left the gym for fear of strangling her!

  6. Haha V. It was actually a song by Empire of the Sun called "Alive".

  7. You can create an entire section for your blog, 'strange denizens of the gym'. Good for you turning a negative into a positive! Now, did you download that song?